Philosophy of Education

Here is my Philosophy of Education.

I believe that all students who enter the classroom learn in their own way and teachers should use different instructional strategies to accomodate each learner. By doing so, students will feel a sense of accomplishment in their own way, rather than feeling frustrated if they cannot keep up with other students.

I believe that the classroom is a safe environment. Students should feel comfortable in the classroom and feel like they can say anything without being judged. Teachers should make it known that students can come to them and talk whenever they need to.

I believe that the curriculum is very important and should be used in the classroom. This curriculum is set out as a guideline for teachers. When necessary, they should take the opportunity as well for those teachable moments.

I believe that cultural diversity is an important aspect for all classrooms. Teachers should make sure to incorporate diverse and multicultural literature into the classroom. Students should be exposed to all cultures and not just focus on only one culture.

This philosophy is the way I feel now. As a grow as a teacher,  I’m sure it will change. Keep checking back to see any updates that are made.


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