In ECMP 355 we have discussed many different topics. One of the topics that has really caught my interest is the topic of Identity. We recently had Alec’s brother George come into our classroom and discuss the importance of our digital identity. He said that employers will look for your digital identity when deciding whether to hire you or not for a job. It is so important to have a positive digital identity. This really got me thinking about how my digital identity is portrayed on the internet. With Facebook, I have it set so that you cannot search for me. I do this because I have had lots of people try to add me who I don’t even know. I think that I may lift this so that if employers are looking for my digital identity, they will be able to find me. I have talked to my friends about tagging me in photos and have gone through my photos to make sure that there are none that might hinder me from getting a job.

There are many people who post videos on youtube that have become famous just by what they have posted. In a previous post, I have talked about the UCLA racist girl who went on a rant about asian students at UCLA. This caused a lot of controversy for UCLA and now Alexandra Wallace has a negative digital identity. She will have a hard time getting a job because when employers go to search for her digital identity, that video will come up.

Another girl who has had negative feedback given about her is Rebecca Black. I did not know anything about her until I was listening to Z99 one day and they decided to play her song. All they kept saying was how awful this song was but yet they kept on playing it. The song is called Friday and although she may not have the best voice, I find it to be a catchy song. And I think that other people do too. Otherwise, why would they keep talking about it and keep playing the song on Fridays? When her name is searched, there will be a lot of negative things said about her and her song but I do not think this will hinder her chances of getting a job. The negativity around her name has to do with the fact that people do not like her song.

As a pre-service teacher, I have realized that making my digital identity positive is so crucial for my future. If people search my name and I have a lot of negative things that come up, this will not help me to get a job. I will also want to make sure that my students know how important it is for them to have a positive digital identity.