I was reading an article in the Leaderpost today about Brayden Schenn, who is a hockey player that plays with the Saskatoon Blades. Apparently someone has been impersonating him on Facebook and has made some racial comments. Right away, emails started pouring in from outraged fans who couldn’t believe that he would say something like that. An impersonator pretended to be Brayden and would post comments about hockey, acting as  if they were Brayden.Then they started saying racial comments and posed as Brayden on the internet.  The WHL decided that all players could not have Facebook accounts and they had to be deleted right away. Something like this is almost as bad as the UCLA racist girl. Although Brayden was not the one saying these things, someone still used his name. Since he is sort of a famous hockey player, this right away puts him in the spotlight. Although I do agree that anyone, especially people who are in the spotlight more, need to keep their Facebook accounts private. I do not think they have to cancel their Facebook acount because of this incident.

This makes me think of when I will have my own students and how they are going to choose to use the internet. I will make sure to tell them that it’s good to have an online profile that is positive. But I would still want them to be careful because of what happened to Brayden. Hopefully he won’t have too many strikes against him when people search his name.